Corporate Brands vs. Handmade Community

Perhaps you’ve grown tired of interacting with faceless, giant corporations.

Most of us give more credibility and thought to more personal experiences these days in wanting to be a part of something even in our shopping decisions.

You're not a part of anything when you're buying commercially made soap from Walmart or Target.

When you buy from boutique brands, such as BluDaisy however, you are joining forces with a small yet creative community that not only positively impacts the local economy but encourages self-employment, uplifts standards of living, use of handcrafted skill made from the heart and increase in social awareness toward healthier lifestyles. 

Further, handmade pieces of work are as unique as each person in the world. This kind of authenticity, like effort and intentionality, creates value.

A consumer shift is happening. A movement if you will. More and more, people like you are willing to be educated about the value of a item that is made by hand.

Human interactions still matter.  


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