Skin Type and BluDaisy Handcrafted Soaps

It is especially important to understand our own unique skin-type before making an investment in handcrafted soaps and any other skincare product for that matter.

There are generally, five skin-types, as indicated on the chart:

My hope is to break down for you the best soaps and other skincare products we have, for specific skin-types that will assist you in your final decision making. With regard to the fact, however, that BluDaisy cannot officially declare any medical claims as that is not our role. *Please see our business disclaimer on home page for more. In general, all true soap (with sodium hydroxide/lye-saponifying agent) cleans hands. At best, we can absolutely provide for you suggestions & skincare product information that may help sooth, moisturize, and cleanse as we have personally used every product we sell, on our own skin in our family.  

The variety of handcrafted soaps with BluDaisy and details/purposes/description:

  • The brighter, more colorful (red, pink, purple, peachy/orange or blue primarily) (artistic looking), variety of soaps we have contain: Cosmetic grade mica colorants (skin-safe for soap from our suppliers). Note: *NOT recommended for sensitive, allergy prone skin-types. Best for normal skin-types.
  • We do have soaps with all-natural powders/colorants (Note: these colorants will fade considerably due to nature of all-natural ingredients--the shelf life is usually up to a year or two at most) such as: Turmeric (orange/yellowish color, Green liquid colorants which are vegan sourced, Black (Activated Charcoal) are some examples and listed in the ingredients description. *Best for normal or oily / combination skin-types.
  • We have our "natural beauties" as I call them, bar soaps which are by far, the *best for Dry/Sensitive/allergy prone skin-types. BluDaisy SPA bars are naturally white bars of soap are made with white kaolin clay and jojoba oils which are truly silky smooth on skin, moisturizing, and really work to heal dry skin types and includes, USDA Therapeutic grade essential oils, truly natural bar soap. 

Finally, a word about fragrance oils and essential oils in soap and other skincare products. When it comes to skin-type, the fragrances are essential to understand as well.

Fragrance oils (longer lasting but can be more irritating and drying because they are synthetic) thus, are different than pure and natural essential oils (plant-based, natural through and through). Please use the links to educate yourself on the differences when deciding what's best for your skin-type. Everything is about the source, and ingredients. 

Let's keep learning and investing in the handcrafting community! 


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