Bar Soap on the Trend and Eco-friendly

Although soap is an everyday item, it definitely holds a special allure. It’s both practical and luxurious when you think about it. Nothing beats the safety and warmth of a soak in the bath for a bit of escapism at the end of a long day.
Indeed, handmade/handcrafted artisan soaps are making strides today with a humble comeback in the world of beauty  If you are interested in buying a handmade soap, you may not know where to start. The purest bars of soap recommended for those with extreme skin sensitivity or allergies are ones without any colorant or fragrance. This knowledge is yet another great reason to buy handmade because they can often be custom ordered in small batches to your own personal skincare needs.

Most skin types can handle the fda-approved skin-safe fragrance oils, pure essential oils, botanicals from nature and natural colorants that are additives in most handcrafted soaps. Bottom line, knowing how your skin reacts to specific ingredients is key to understanding what works best for you. 

Handmade soaps are generally more expensive than its counterparts, but it's always best for the skin because handmade soap contains vegetable glycerin which is a natural byproduct of the soap making process, an excellent moisturizer and also one of the reasons that handmade soap is so good for your skin! Glycerin is an emollient which attracts moisture from the air maintaining moisture in the skin throughout the day.
Natural ingredients are rarely used in commercially manufactured soap. The advantages of using natural and handmade soap bars is that they do not contain poor quality ingredients or preservatives.
Alas, environmentally conscious consumers around the world are also serious about making their homes and bathrooms both plastic free by ditching liquid soap and their plastic containers too.
What a great way to make progress in the world around us by simply using a bar of handmade soap!   

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