BluDaisy's, COVID-19 Preventative Statement

Before COVID-19, our home business, BluDaisy Handmade Soap Company implemented safe business practices which include: Sanitizing work station / counter tops / equipment / product jars etc. with 91% isopropyl alcohol.

We also wear nitrile hand gloves when making our handcrafted products. We also use proper ventilation when making our products and have temperature controlled work space to protect our products.

We pride ourselves in being a conscientious business especially during these unprecedented times.  If our family falls ill, we halt production for thorough cleaning. We will continue these safe business practices by being proactive in protecting the health of our own family. 

Further, we are grateful to be in the soap making & wellness business and believe in the power of immune health and simple hygiene basics.

Below is an informational read of the amazing benefits of hand washing with bar soap and water. Visit: