Frequently Asked Questions

If this is your first time shopping with us, we hope this page will answer some of your immediate questions. If not, please feel free to use our live chat assistance to speak with us directly. 

Soap / General

1. What size are your soaps? A: Every product listing has a description area that shows our sizes in either 6 oz large bar soap, or 3 oz small round, if that soap has an option, simply choose the size you wish to add to cart. 

2. How long will my BluDaisy soap last? A: typically, our bars of soap last longer with proper soap drainage dish—according to our frequent customers, they have said lasts up to a month, sometimes longer depending upon usage.

Allergies / Sensitivity 

1. Do you have any products for sensitive skin? A: Yes. Note: Our soaps are all 100% plant based, generally safe for all skin types. We do not use animal fats in case of any milk allergies. If you have extreme dry skin or general sensitive skin there is a catagory specific to skin allergies. A: Found here: https://bludaisy.shop/collections/sensitive-skincare. *These products do not have any fragrances, nor do they have any dyes/colorants. 

Shipping / Returns

1. When will I get my order? A: All orders placed during weekdays (M-Fri.) will be shipped within 3 business days. All orders placed on weekends, will be shipped the following Monday or Tuesday. 

2. Can I return my order? A: Due to nature of handmade, we ask that you return your order unopened for full refund or can make another depending upon your specific issue. *We will not accept a used product. 

Custom / Bulk Orders 

1. I want more than 5 of the same products, or in gift form—can you help?  A: If you are interested in a specific product or products if bulk or GiftSets form for party favors, or other gathering, we are happy to accommodate. We have a section on our website you can fill out quick form sharing the details with us, we will then contact you direct to complete your order with specific time frame you need. *We also offer free shipping with all bulk orders too!