3D Printed Saver Dish for Soap

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Introducing BluDaisy's First Ever, 3D Printed Soap Saver Dish!


Bar soap is prone to becoming "mushy" with frequent use while left on the sink without proper water draining. We have worked hard to develop these unique "soap savers" designed to prolong the life of your handcrafted soap. 

Each dish we create, takes approximately 4 hours to produce. They are made with a professional printer filament from SOVOL. They are durable, small footprint and hold up well to make your soap last, even up to a month! Huge savings in the long run.

Easy to clean: Just use wet washcloth to scrub off soap residue, rinse.  

Make your BluDaisy handcrafted soap stand out with our new 3D printed quality soap savers.

*Sold individually currently. Colors: Black, White & Clear. Choose color in drop down menu.