Botanical Soy Wax Sachets

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Introducing to our New Home Fragrance Collection,
Botanical Soy Wax Sachets
BluDaisy's wax sachets are handpoured & made of all-natural soy wax, dried herbs and/or fruits, and often whole spices, and they are an entirely natural way to fill your home, smaller spaces with fragrance. Wax sachets encapsulate botanicals and their scent in wax, and when placed on a bathroom door, in a clothes dresser or closet, acts as a beautiful aromatherapeutic source of fragrance!
Size/Quantity: 2-pack of fragrant (5 oz) soy wax.
Product details: Comes packaged with cotton twine to hang wax sachet (as shown in images) and inside muslin reusable bag. Biodegradable, eco-friendly natural soy wax with fragrant dried botanicals.
Note: Soy wax can crumble or melt if located in areas of extreme temperature:
*Not recommended as car fresheners.  
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