, SPA Soy Candle 12 oz.

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Introducing BluDaisy SPA soy candle! 

Imagine, if you will, a downpour. This is a wonderful candle for a bathroom or bedroom, setting the mood to relax. This candle is gently infused with a floral blend of "lily of the valley," white jasmine & geranium mixed with citrus blends of orange and lemon kissed by hints of musk. soy candle is the essence of refreshing, clean & relaxing.

Our soy candles are uniquely formulated; hand stirred and hand poured, non-toxic, hypoallergenic, and renewable resource. 

TIPS! Keep wicks trimmed. Burn candle for at least 4 hours to reach full burn pool so as not to get "candle tunneling" which leaves wasted wax. When finished enjoying your candle, you can clean soy out of glass and reuse the jar for whatever you like.  

Our SPA Collection of candles also come packaged in a sleek black gift box. 

Size: 12 oz. soy candle double wick, square glass tumbler.