No. 3

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Our NEW "Gentleman's Touch" Soy Candle Collection bring back Classic Nostalgia & Style. A truly one-of-kind home fragrance for the man's man. 

No. 3 - BluDaisy Signature fragrance blend, brings balance and contentment. A great soy candle for those "Netflix & Chill" type of nights or catching up on some reading. Our No. 3 soy candle will set the mood for coziness, comfort, wellness, and contentment (aka Hygge is regarded as a defining characteristic of Danish culture of contentment). Hygge fragrance oil has all of the warm comfy spices and creamy vanilla/coconut to create the Hygge feeling. Top Notes: Cardamom, Caramel, Indian Chai Spice Middle Notes: Coconut, Clove, Ginger, Butterscotch, Cinnamon Base Note: Vanilla Latte.

An irresistible fragrance you are going to want more of, in any room of the house! 

Our Soy Candles are uniquely formulated; hand stirred and hand poured also leaving a "cold throw" that is spectacular. Just pop off the lid and enjoy the fragrance. 

Size: 10 oz. clear glass tumbler with glass lid.