Orange Creamsicle, Keepsake Gift Box

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Introducing BluDaisy's
Keepsake Gift Box! 

Into shabby chic? You will love this beautifully handcrafted keepsake gift box you can artfully customize or keep as is, while joyfully indulging in our BluDaisy Orange Creamsicle scented self-care products!
This keepsake box contains a lusciously fragrant burst of Orange Creamsicle specialty handcrafted products: Organic Shea & Cocoa Body Butter, Shea Butter Message Bar soap with soft exfoliating bath cloth, Olive Oil Glycerin Loofah soap, Soy wax melts and a 10 oz. Soy candle!
Descriptions of each product on the links provided here:

This gift set will fully energize your spirit! So scrub the stress away, nurture your skin and enliven your senses with this beautiful keepsake gift set from BluDaisy!