, SPA Soy Candle 12 oz, SPA Soy Candle 12 oz

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Introducing BluDaisy SPA soy candle! 

This amazingly scented soy candle brings feelings of restoration and vigor, you won't want to stop smelling this one! It is well-balanced, clean, floral that sustains all day. Super fresh with a delicate green tone, this opens with bergamot, melon and lemon, middle-note of clove, jasmine, ozone mist, marine and grapefruit and a finish of orange blossom, fruity potpourri, ocean and earthy musk.

A truly aromatic, lasting candle for any room of the house! 

Our soy candles are uniquely formulated; hand stirred and hand poured leaving a cold throw that is spectacular, allowing for no need to light the candle, just pop off the lid and enjoy the fragrance.

12 oz. soy candle, square glass tumbler.