Tutti-Fruitti, Soy Candle 12 oz. Apothecary Glass Jar

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Tutti-Frutti is a customer favorite and one of our first candles ever made!

This fragrant soy wax candle has a rich berry scent and resembles the scent of the popular fruit stripe gum with the zebra. 

Scent Profile 
Candy notes of raspberry, strawberry, cherry and uplifting zesty notes of orange and lime! 

Our soy wax candles are clean, non toxic (less soot), hypoallergenic, uniquely formulated; hand stirred and hand poured giving a "hot throw" that is long lasting. Up to 50 hrs burn time. 

TIP! Never leave a candle burning unattended. Keep wicks trimmed. Light candle for at least 4 hours before snuffing out the flame, to reach full burn pool so as not to create "candle tunneling" which leaves wasted wax.  

Size: 12oz. apothecary glass jar.  *May include wooden or glass lid, when black tins are out of stock (see images).  *Note: soy wax candle may come colored or white.