Lemongrass Essential Oil Soy Candle

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When you light this lemongrass candle, the essential oil cleanses and purifies the air with a truly refreshing scent that is fresh, lemony-sweet, and earthy!

The oil's anxiolytic effects work to reduce your anxiety levels. In addition to its calming properties, lemongrass essential oil also enhances mental clarity and focus. It is also said, lemongrass oil candles can also work similarly to citronella & repel insects outdoors specifically, mosquitoes! 

Scent Strength:  **** out of *****

Best used in smaller living spaces such as bathroom, kitchen or bed side for best aromatherapy benefits! 

*note: essential oils are known to produce lighter but (more air purification) scent throw in soy candles due to its pure all-natural essence when combined with heat. 

Ingredients: 100% pure Soy wax of kosher origin

Size: 8 oz. 

Burn time: up to 40 hours

Special features of this candle:

  • Hand poured and all-natural soy candles.
  • Infused with therapeutic grade pure essential oils, Cruelty-free, all natural, non-GMO, vegan, kosher, irritant-free and proudly Pa, USA made.


Make sure wick is always trimmed before and after every burn. Never put flame out with lid—simply blow out flame then cover. Burn candle up to 4 hrs for full burn pool (when soy wax melts to edges of jar) to prevent tunneling & best scent throw! Never leave candle burning unattended for more than 2-4 hrs.